Progradex prides itself on knowledge based drill sampling solutions with an emphasis on progressive innovation.

Orebodies are at the heart of our industry and are incrediblyOrebody & Samples important assets to us all. They must be protected and treated with care as they are security for every individual involved in mining and beyond, from minesite employees, to contractors & equipment suppliers, as well as to the thousands of secondary and tertiary industries that rely on the supply of that commodity to the wider marketplace thereafter.

But, first an orebody needs to be found. PrDSCN0853 Compressedogradex drill sampling systems and products provide the most representative samples, efficiently and cost effectively while ensuring the highest levels of protection for operators, surrounding equipment and the environment’s flora and fauna.

Once an orebody is identified it can still fail to meet expectations if the wrong drilling processes, products, drill sampling equipment, protocols, procedures, etc are adopted. If this happensIMG_00000148, everyone loses.

Progradex drill sampling products, services and consultancy will vastly reduce the potential for orebody failure, be it a new or existing operation, by identifying where the saleable ore is and providing grade data of such quality that definition can be improved to allow selective mining strategies adopted based on the commodity price of the d20160303_171529ay.


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Whether for Production, Grade Control or Exploration, please consider…..

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