EL850 Entry Level Sampler

Progradex has released a new sampling system product line to the market for 2016. It is a nod to the now well established Cone Splitter sampling system designs pioneered by Progradex Managing Director, Toby Day, in the late 1990’s but with some modern day enhancements.

The product has been introduced to fill a technology gap in the market between the very basic cyclone/riffle splitter arrangements to the most technologically advanced Progradex PGX Series sampling systems with a fully automatic, mass market product that provides a high quality sample at affordable prices.

Progradex describe it as an entry level sampler that is named the EL850 and it packs a powerful punch.

Conceptually, it is traditional in its make-up. A cyclone with a collection/dump box below it feeding into an adjustable cone splitter. There are however significant design differences between this product and anything else on the market past or present.

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