Brexit – A Boost for British Exports

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has provided a boost to British exporters as the short term value of the Pound (£) falls by around 10% post Brexit.

Progradex Managing Director, Toby Day, commented, “In all the turmoil of Brexit, there has never been a better time to buy a Progradex Sampling System as our export position has suddenly improved greatly as a consequence of the resulting exchange rate fluctuation. This means you can get a Progradex product 10% cheaper this week than you could last week. We are also going to match that with a further 10% price reduction on top to make it a 20% reduction. When you combine this with the market reaction to gold (increasing in value by about the same percentage since Brexit), mining, particularly gold mining, has become very attractive once again after being in a 4 year slump.


“This is a big opportunity for all and we are going to try and take advantage of the volatility and use it to breathe some life back into the industry.”

New independent scientific papers are increasingly being published on the positive effect of using Progradex sampling systems to vastly increase bottom line profit, safety and overall mining efficiency. With this, and these additional incentives, it is expected to make Progradex the value adding proposition for mining.