Successful Atacama, Chile Test with Barrick

Phase 1 Trials of the Progradex PGX1350T Sampling System for Barrick Chile have been deemed successful in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. The system will now mobilise to Barrick’s Alturas Project, 5200m above sea level, with drilling contractor Terraservice for gold exploration.

The premium Progradex system has been selected on the basis of its unique ability to collect and sample the coarse and fines particulate (100% recovery for sampling) along with its other unique ability to provide around 400 complete cross-sectional slices of the interval in the sample bag per metre drilled, securing a complete cross-section of the interval in the sample bag every 2.5mm drilled including the fines.

Since the release of the Progradex PGX Series product line in 2010, 7% more gold is found as a direct result of sampling the fines that was previously lost from an RC chip sample. Only a Progradex sampling system can provide total sampling representivity,

Results are verified by a growing number of independent scientific papers worldwide.

Simple fact. No other sampling system on the global market has the ability to collect the fines for sampling or the representivity of prehomogenised, mechanically layered (blended) sample duplicates than a Progradex Sampling System.