ANDIS Sampler

ANDIS TM Sampler (Patents Pending)

ANDIS is a Progradex Tradename (Patents Pending)

The diagrams below show the way in which various splitters take a sample from the parent drilling interval. Generally, samples taken are either a vertical or horizontal slice of the interval.

The ANDIS TM Sampler is the only system to take multiple 360o, random segments (120 to 300 per metre) of the parent interval from top to bottom. These random slices are combined to form the bag sample, together with the fines collected by the new unique PulseClone collection system, making it truly representative of the interval.

DSCN2985 White Background Compressed

The volume or weight of the final bag sample (determined by the percentage split) is fully adjustable with the ANDIS TM Sampler and this can be tailored to match the lab’s capability for processing it or to reduce manual handling related incidents while being assured that sample representivity is not being compromised.

In addition, the ANDIS TM Sampler can supply any number of additional duplicates from an interval, to include duplicates of a different percentage split if so desired (e.g. a logging sample, etc).

The ANDIS TM Sampler has the option to be supplied with a Multi-Station Bag Carousel – see Page titled “Multi-Station Bag Carousel” for detailed specs.

Sample - RiffleSample - VezinSample - Stationary ConeSample - Rotary Cone

Sample - ANDIS