Trailer Mounted Systems

Commissioning one of two PGX1350T Trailer Mounted Sampling Systems at Codelco’s Andina Copper Mine, 4500m above sea level with Boart Longyear Chile.

DSCN0109 Half Comp

DSCN0103 CompDSCN0119 Comp
“…with special thanks to the ladies of the Vines Golf Course, Western Australia” – Toby Day

Towing PositionTrailer - Towing Position

Operating Position

Trailer - Operating Position

Freight 478cm long x 227.5cm wide x 227cm high (fits within standard 20′ Sea Container)
Towing 4780mm long x 2275mm wide x 2270mm high
Operating 4780mm long x 2275mm wide x 3654mm high
Weight: Approx 3000kg