Progradex Sampler Demonstrates Zero Bias

See how Q-Q Plots generated from Progradex Sampler duplicate sample data compares to other drill sampling devices.

Q-Q Plot weight variation from 4 x 100m holes taking duplicate samples at 1m intervals from a Progradex PGX1350T Sampling System in severely broken ground. Note: Not only are the results excellent, they include the fines that no other sampling system can collect and sample.

QQ Plot Progradex Thabazimbi 1

Below are the Q-Q Plots taken from a Cone Splitter and 4 Tier Riffle Splitter as detailed in “Sampling 2010” Technical Paper (Graindorge 2010). Note: Fines are not included in these samples. Only the Progradex Sampler is capable of 100% recovery for sampling, i.e. collecting and sampling the entire drill hole.

Graindorge - QQ Plot Cone v Riffle 1