Auto Sample Bag Carousel

Automatic Sample Bag Carousel

Carousel Cropped & Compressed           Carousel Boxed


  • 12 Bag Stations for both primary and duplicate sampling
  • Only one part-time sampling operator required
  • Allows operator to be removed from the hazardous rig area during drilling
  • Sample bag loading/unloading can now be carried out during rod changes only
  • Anti-contamination canopy protects fresh bags from residual
    airborne dust contamination
  • Sample bags are fully supported at the cuff
  • Sample bags are loaded/unloaded with a simple quick-release clamping mechanism
  • The carousel automatically unlocks and indexes at the end of each interval
  • An additional pushbutton is provided on the carousel for local indexing to facilitate the removal and reloading of bags from a single designated loading point

DSCN2886 Compressed

Independent carousel indexing
pushbutton mounted on
Sampling System for local
operator bag changing from a
single loading position