Pulseclone Interval Collector

Pulseclone TM Interval Collector (Patents Pending)

100% Sample Recovery

Fines Curtain Test

PulseClone is a Tradename of Progradex (Patents Pending)

The Fines Curtain provides a non-return air tight seal between the fines collected by the dust collector and the coarse material discharging from the base of the cyclone. When the dust collector filters are automatically cleaned by the reverse jet pulse cleaning system (compressed air), the fines curtain opens to allow the filtered dust to be re-entrained into the coarse particle mix for sampling. This combination is one of many unique features of the Progradex Sampling System and is why only we can offer 100% recovery for sampling.

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PulseClone is a Tradename of Progradex (Patents Pending)

The Distribution Nozzle sits below the cyclone inside the system. It receives all of the sample collected by the cyclone and layers it in the annulus of the ANDIS Sampler. This is how the bulk sample is homogenised within the system prior to splitting and it contributes significantly to the unparalleled representivity that the Progradex Sampling System achieves.