System Features

The new All-in-One Progradex Sampling System

Progradex Sampling System Features

  • 100% Recovery for Sampling with the new PulseClone Interval Collector.
  • Takes multiple sample bites of both coarse and fine particulate randomly from all around and along the entire length of the interval making the Progradex Sampling System produce by far the most representative sample ever.
  • True 360 degree annular release of drilled ore over the ANDIS Sampler sampling cutters.
  • Approx 2.6m Tall.
  • Light weight construction.
  • Vastly larger apertures throughout.
  • Suitable for wet and dry sampling with alternative modes of operation to suit conditions.
  • All access doors are fully safety interlocked.
  • Blockage resistant internal surface treatments throughout.The interval does not need to be stored within the system prior to dumping, unlike other drill sampling systems.
  • Automatically samples on a continuous, regular sampling sequence allowing the driller to continuously monitor the condition of cuttings.
  • Continuous sampling provides a consistent, regular flow of ore to leave the system which allows the operators to visibly monitor changing ground conditions as they occur.
  • Percentage splits are fully adjustable by the simple change of cutter blades.
  • Multiple Bag Station Carousel can be fitted to potentially remove at least one operator from the entire process.

Progradex Sampling System Options

  • Multiple Bag Station Carousel.
  • Any number of samples can be taken from an interval.
  • Fully automatic self levelling capability.
  • Moisture detection instrumentation and control to automatically change the operating mode of the system from dry mode to wet mode as conditions change without any operator input.
  • The number of carousel stations can be tailored to the specific sampling requirements of the operation or to match the number of intervals taken from a hole.
  • Rig, Trailer, Skid or Truck Mounting options.

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