Control System

The Progradex PLC Control System is supplied with IP66 rated (dust/water ingress protection) enclosures throughout and heavy duty plug and socket style wiring harnesses that connect the boxes together.


System Features:-

  • Multi-coloured LED operators display panel
  • PLC control box
  • Electric over pneumatic solenoids control box
  • Circuit breaker electrical isolation
  • Lockable pneumatic isolation
  • 24VDC/24VDC Line-Filter protection of PLC
  • Omron PLC with USB style PC connection
  • Rotation speed digital readouts
  • Vibration proof wiring connections
  • “Dry” and “Wet” drilling modes with individual functions over-ride capability
  • Fully enclosed pneumatic Filter-Reg with auto drain moisture trap with external moisture dump to atmosphere
  • Fully enclosed Lubricator with snap-lock, easy-to-fill bowl
DSCN2885 Compressed DSCN2889 Compressed
Operator’s Control Panel PLC Control Box
DSCN2891 Compressed DSCN2895 Cropped & Compressed
Pneumatic Control Box Heavy Duty Plug & Socket Wiring Harnesses
DSCN2890 Compressed DSCN2887 Compressed
Rotation Speed Digital Readouts Permanent, easy-to-follow Labeling