Premium PGX Series Sampler

Interval Collector

Imagine being able to provide by far the most representative samples possible while your operator’s have zero chance of being harmed?

…It’s no longer a dream, it’s already a reality.

Progradex has produced a sampling system that is proven by the world’s largest mining companies as the world leader in sample representivity, safety and efficiency.

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Progradex Managing Director, Toby Day, commented on the design, “The Progradex system achieves a great deal while remaining quite simple. There are no more moving functions within it than any other of my previous designs. It just does it in a different way to take results to a new level that not only provide huge benefit to a mining company, will also be very attractive to a drilling contractor. In fact, simplicity and functionality were a large part of the design criteria.

“Physically, the Progradex Sampling System is vastly smaller & lighter than past designs but it also achieves 100% fines collection (recovery) for sampling with the new PulseClone Interval Collector™ without compromising known tried and tested filtration areas. The way we have achieved this is by homogenising the coarse and fine particulate within the ANDIS™ TM Sampler prior to splitting.

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“This is a complete rethink on how a sampling system functions and utilises the space available to carry out those functions. It is so much more efficient, producing significant space savings but also achieves an unparalleled improvement in sample representivity, which is really what it is all about.



“Furthermore, the better utilisation of space actually allows internal apertures to become at least two times wider than past designs. So, it is smaller on the outside yet bigger on the inside at the same time, a bit like a Tardis [reference to the British TV Series, Dr Who].

“…Another great feature is that sample bags are stationary on a Progradex system but unlike cone, riffle or vezin splitters sample representivity is not compromised as a result. So, not only is this in itself safer for operators, a multiple sample bag carousel is fitted as standard with the system to remove operators from the sampling process completely during drilling.”

For the complete list of the key features of the Progradex Sampling System, please go to the “System Features” page.